Thursday, February 21, 2008

Organize your Start Menu alphabetically

I’ve seen many people who have installed several programs here and there being lost when trying to launch that one program. They click Start > All Programs, then go “hm, where is that program?”.

You can easily avoid this by doing 2 things:

1. Alphabetize the start menu: Just highlight anything on your start menu, right click, and choose ’sort by name’.

2. Remove useless items from the start menu: For example, do you really need to see internet explorer on the list? I mean, it’s already on your desktop. If you ever have any regrets, you can always go back to finding that shortcut by going to window explorer > c drive > program files path. And by the way, don’t worry, removing something from your start menu does not delete the program itself.


Anonymous said...

That's it! Thank you so much. This has bugged me for years!

Healing Embrace said...

Rock on! What a kickin' piece of advice. I too have been annoyed by this for years. Who knew (but you) that the answer was so simple?

Anonymous said...

So easy, now I feel stupid... Thanks for this helpful tip.