Monday, May 5, 2008

Selling my wife's HP dual core AMD X2 laptop

Hello folks,

I'm selling my wife's HP dv2125nr AMD Turion Dual Core laptop on ebay.

It's tricked out with 1.5 gbs of RAM, 120gb hard drive space with Windows XP (media center edition).

It has a remote control, and even includes Windows Vista Upgrade CDs if you choose to upgrade.

I'm including the retail CD's of MS Office XP 2002 as well.

Best of all, it comes with accidental warranty coverage from Best Buy, good until 12/2009. That means anything happens to it, and Best Buy will take care of you.

It's a great laptop for average joes, but I guess not my wife. She missed her old Thinkpad and she was used to it, so I just bought her another one.