Monday, February 18, 2008

No, big companies don't really make their own parts

I found that a lot of folks stick to name brands such as Sony, HP, Dell for one main reason: they think that they actually make each of the parts involved, and therefore, they must be quality parts.

That's actually not true.

Most tech companies, if not all, actually have contracts with other companies that do the actual work of manufacturing their parts. For example, your Dell desktop computer may have a Western Digital hard drive and its motherboard created by ASUS.

What the big company does essentially is put it all together, slap an operating system on there (mostly Vista these days), ensure it works, and then slap their Dell stickers on there. (oh, and one more thing - they'll also put some annoying trial software on your computer too b/c they probably make some money from companies like Norton for pre-installing it on there).

Anyways, so they don't actually make the parts, they put them together.

Not to take away anything from big name companies, but I just thought you guys should know that there's nothing magical about the Dell computer versus the HP computer.

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