Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Don't get abused by customer service

Joe, I thought you might need a break from the hardware stuff.

So here's some useful info that will save many headaches and phone calls when dealing with customer service with any company. Too many times, I've been abused by customer service b/c one representive tells me one thing, then another give me different info!

1. Have your questions prepared, meaning written down. You will forget one of them and then ugh, have an automated voice tell you to wait 20 mins again for a real human

2. Upon calling, get the rep's name, and write it down.

3. After asking all the questions, leave no question open-ended. Don't settle for his/her answer of "I will email you" b/c often, they won't.

4. As you're talking w/ the representative, write down, or type (in Word or Notepad) the summary of what he/she said along w/ the date and time.

5 . When you're done, summarize for the rep, to ensure you're on the same page, and then ask for his/her operator ID. If the rep does not have one, ask for the phone extension or full name. This is very important! Why? B/c later, when you have to follow up on this issue, having a name and operator ID to refer to carries far more clout than saying, "well, your previous rep told me..." They won't give you any credibility for that line. If you remember the name and operator ID, they are obligated to concede to that fact, as they know you're not making it up.

Hope that helps you Joe!

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